PAULA BROWN, LIFE COACH, OF GJD COACHING PRESENTS REAL COLORS PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP TO AURORA, COLORADOReal Colors® is a personality typing system that enhances communication and the understanding of others. It is important to understand why we do the things we do and why others do what they do.

National Curriculum & Training Institute’s Real Colors® Temperament Instrument is grounded in the theory of Carl Jung and validated in the research of Myers-Briggs and Keirsey-Bates. It combines experience and research into an exciting approach that is extremely accurate, understandable and easy to apply in everyday life.

Using Real Colors® with Crossroads Curricula Real Colors® quickly provides a common ground for communication between participants and facilitators. In a very short time, participants begin to understand their own personality styles. They then begin developing the skills of application that improve communication with others. Real Colors® is an integral part of NCTI’s wide assortment of criminal justice curricula and training programs. Real Colors® provides understanding that, if applied, improves interpersonal relationships in all aspects of life. From the very beginning, participants begin to see the world from a new perspective…and have fun doing it! The Fundamentals workshop is the foundation for advanced workshops designed to address common organizational topics such as stress, workplace issues, teams and leadership.

Real Colors. Real Applications.

Workshop shows participants how colors concepts impact communication in a variety of situations throughout our lives.

Real Colors. Real Issues.

Workshop provides specific techniques that can help individuals recognize how the four different temperaments or “colors” react to life’s challenges, and how to provide appropriate encouragement and support for each of the “colors.”

Real Colors. Real Stress.

Workshop teaches individuals to see, understand and appreciate the strengths of each team member, determine as a group how to use these to their best advantage, and then work together to reach their goal.

Real Colors. Real Leadership.

Workshop is designed to allow participants to use leadership concepts whenever they find themselves in a leadership role. The session will help participants recognize each color’s leadership strengths, and assist them in developing a plan to successfully lead each other.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or providing this training to your staff, please contact Paula Brown