Paula Brown, Founder and Owner of GJD Coaching and Consulting, LLC, has more than 17 years of experience designing and facilitating workshops and seminars throughout the United States in Life Skills and Youth Development, Self-Empowerment for Women, Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management and Emotional Well-Being.Life Coach Paula Brown

Ms. Brown’s knowledge of personal growth, professional development, youth development, self-empowerment and life transformation has been informed by her experience serving clients in the nonprofit, public and private sectors as a consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer.

As a personal coach for women and youth, Paula Brown has an intuitive understanding of human motivation and a relentless commitment to supporting personal growth. Paula specializes in helping clients create innovative plans of action for self-improvement and life transformation and is dedicated to enabling you to reach your personal and professional goals.

Working together with Paula, youth and adults will build a powerful, collaborative relationship that will change how they view their lives and how they live their lives. A partnership with Paula will enable you to uncover and overcome hidden obstacles to reach your full potential.