“As a certified personal development coach and trainer my goal is to empower women and youth to see themselves as architects of change in their own lives, in their own communities and in the world.” – Paula Brown


“Paula Brown is one of the most insightful, non-judgmental professionals I’ve ever known. She approaches all situations with an open mind and heart with a goal of helping others succeed and thrive. She’s the best!”

– Sarla Thal, Executive Coach

“Paula is a woman of strong ethical and moral character who has a sincere belief in the potential of others. She demonstrates the following qualities each and every day: Commitment to learning and growing! Desire to assist others to achieve their goals and recognize their strengths! Willingness to share her knowledge and experience!”

– Jan Felton, President, Attitudes PLUS, a consulting and coaching firm in Cheyenne, Wyoming

“Paula motivated me to discover my highest priorities and to create my own best solutions.”

– K. Mallard

“It really doesn’t get any better than having Paula in your corner; someone who believes in you and sees how precious and wonderful you are!”

– A. Davis

“Paula is an amazing compassionate human being, she is wonderful at what she does, she is very intelligent and was always willing to go that extra mile to extend her services. Anything that was asked of her was done above and beyond, she is a wonderful teacher, consultant and coach. God has truly blessed me with meeting her.”

– Rita Coley, President/CEO, By The Riverside in New York, NY.

“Thank you for creating a judgment-free learning environment. I enjoyed and valued your ‘coaching’ facilitation style!”

– D. Jamison

“I really appreciated your time and focus to our commission. Your direction and expertise (kindness) did wonders for me.”

-K. Rivera HRC Chair


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